About Us

About Us:

The way you express your sentiments towards your loved ones says a great deal regarding you and makes you stick out, but reliance on digital greetings and expressions just takes the fun out of it.

For Luv and Family was fashioned by Denise Jensen  for the inspirational and positive vibe of reassuring people as we believe in our jewelry as a reflection of love: that it can reflect whatsoever you want; wear it whenever you want, keep it forever, and reward your loved ones with it.

We began with the ambition of providing people a sentimental way to gift jewelry and with the mission of giving a way for our customers to make their gifts stand out with our creatively crafted and emotional message card.

From luxurious pieces to elegant classics and eloquent designs, For Luv and Family captures the spirit of your feelings and not only offers timeless designs but also tells a story through our unique message cards.

Uplifting, joyful, and romantic, our gift box speaks your language, an exuberant piece and emotional card for every occasion

Our motivation has always been to stay true to our culture and be a brand for good, exciting people by equipping them with the ability to find a gift without having to think about it a lot or go to stores themselves to shop

You can find countless ways of expression. But the sentimental value attached to a piece of jewelry and emotionally written card can never be reciprocated.

For us, the truest reflection of For Luv and Family is quality. Each piece is quality sourced in the USA. Definitely, you imagine better products, crafted flawlessly. It goes without saying. But with us, you’ll get the purest sentimental experience along with the best product without you having to exceed your budget.

We don’t just keep adding new products for the sake of profits, the idea is to deliver an experience so it transmits our values and the love and care that goes behind them.

So, welcome to For Luv and Family It’s more than just a business. It’s a passion to make it easy for you to connect with your loved ones creatively.